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UC students plead with regents to reject proposed tuition hike

July 13, 2011 | 12:40 pm


Students appealed Wednesday to University of California regents, urging them not to go forward with a proposed second tuition increase for the coming school year.

Several students addressing the regents at their meeting in San Francisco said families had not been given enough advance warning to come up with the additional $1,068 the proposed increase would require and said the university should look for the funds elsewhere.

Claudia Magana, president of UC's systemwide student association, told the regents that the late timing of the proposed hike, along with its size, is causing “widespread concern and distress.” Magana, a UC Santa Cruz senior, said: “UC students have been hit too hard in too short of a time period.”

The proposed 9.6% tuition increase would be on top of a previously approved 8% raise that is also scheduled to go into effect for the fall. Combined, the two would total a $1,920 rise for a full-time student over this year’s tuition and bring undergraduate tuition for California residents to more than $12,200, not including room, board and other campus-based fees.

The regents are scheduled to vote on the increase Thursday and approval is widely expected in response to the recent passage of a state budget that cut an additional $150 million from the UC system's annual funding. Sherry Lansing, the regents chairwoman, acknowledged that the timing of the increase, so close to the fall term, was unfortunate but said it was because of the Legislature’s late action. “It was sprung on us as well,” she said.

The regents heard from several students urging them not to vote for the hikes. However, there were no formal protests or demonstrations, attributed to the fact that most students are on summer break.

-- Larry Gordon in San Francisco

Photo: UCLA campus. Credit: L.A. Times