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Insomniac not involved in Electric Daisy 'block party,' CEO says

July 27, 2011 | 11:32 pm

Electric daisy film premiere disturbance

In response to the unruly crowd that took to the streets Wednesday evening in Hollywood after a popular DJ encouraged his fans to attend a block party outside a movie premiere, Pasquale Rotella, chief executive of Insomniac Inc., issued the following statement:

"Tonight’s premiere of the 'Electric Daisy Carnival Experience' film was designed to highlight one of the largest and most prestigious electronic music festivals in the world. Unfortunately, a small group chose to disrupt the film’s premiere due to their mistaken belief that a 'block party' with a popular artist was going to occur.

"I want to make clear that while this film showcased an Insomniac event, Insomniac had nothing to do with the supposed 'block party,' which was not a part of the premiere. The crowd issues that arose were a result of individuals responding to social media information which mistakenly led them to believe they could see artists perform.

"Despite the crowd's unruly behavior, while the movie premiere did take place, even I was unable to attend the premiere of a movie that I have worked tirelessly to produce.

"Insomniac strongly believes in personal responsibility and hopes that anyone who didn’t comply with police orders is held accountable."

---Jill-Marie Jones


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Photo: Police in riot gear respond to the disturbance outside the Electric Daisy film premiere. Credit: Jay Clendenin / Los Angeles Times