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Tsunami: 1964 video of deadly tidal wave washing into Crescent City

March 11, 2011 | 12:33 pm


Click to read historic 1964 coverage Above is video of Crescent City, Ca., after it was hit hard by a tsunami after an 8.8 earthquake in Alaska in 1964.

The March 28 tsunami killed 11 in the Northern California coastal city and destroyed the city's business districts. Accounts from the time reported that fuel tanks erupted in flames while cars and trucks washed down city streets, pilling up against building.

City officials had been given notice that a tidal wave was likely, but residents said they had received such warnings in the past, and that little -- if anything -- ever materialized. Residents said they were stunned when the tsunami arrived and a wall of water washed inland.

Read historic Times' coverage of the 1964 disaster:

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 Scenes from the damage done by the tsunmami

 Video of the recent earthquake in Japan

--Steve Marble