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Voter Voices: Readers offer their analysis of election results, from illegal immigration to taxes

November 2, 2010 | 11:32 pm
VoicesTimes readers have been sending us their take on the election results. There's been much discussion about the reason Jerry Brown bested Meg Whitman and why Barbara Boxer appears at this point to be leading Carly Fiorina.

Some readers believe the controversy over the immigration status of Whitman's former nanny hurt her. But others worry that Brown will raise taxes. Here is a sampling of readers’ reactions and analysis about the results:

That Illegal immigrant issue hurt Meg, its a learning curve to all those that would follow her footsteps.


Whitman spending was a world record. She was also totally unprepared for housekeeper Nicky Diaz's statement against her. Public could see Whitman's guilt and no amount of money could have rescued her candidacy. The other factor which came out in her debate with Brown was that she never voted in previous elections. She gave the appearance of an amateur loaded with cash, hoping that money would bring in victory.


What a horrible blow to America for foolish Californians return Ms. Boxer to the senate. She is emblematic of all that it wrong with our legislature. A devastating shame.


Are you happy now California? You're going broke and instead of voting for two successful business people you vote for two career politicians who have never accomplished half of what their opponents had. You truly deserve the government you elect. No wonder you're broke.


If you hate California so much, maybe you could move ? Brown and Boxer have always been good for California. Carry on.


Get ready for your property taxes to go up. Jerry Brown can't wait to raise taxes so he can pay back the unions for their support. Good job, Californians, I hope you enjoy paying for the unions unfunded pensions and outrageous benefits packages.



Proposition 19 loss:

A sad day for the good guys, but at least we have made this big of an attempt. this is not the last time you will hear of prop 19! it will one day be legal!


Even if the proposition does not pass, it will serve to gauge sentiment for the issue of pot legalization. It will eventually be legalized. I just wished that the social conservatives who are likely voting against it, were being honest about their consumption. I guess they'd rather continue to keep their drug deals in flop-houses and dark alleys.


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