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Voter Voices: Projected defeat of Prop. 19 is met with humor, disappointment by marijuana legalization backers

November 2, 2010 |  8:52 pm
The ballot counting is just beginning, and many supporters on Twitter are waiting to see the final results. But some are taking the projects with a grain of salt and some humor.  "I'm amazed that people are calling #prop19 defeated with only 2% of the votes counted!?!? Are you all high?!?! (I know I am)," wrote StonedTypingGuy on Twitter.
Wrote Consigliri51: "Memo to CA: You are mad about the budget, but you're voting down a prop that raises tax rev and cuts prison expense. Brilliant."
And GirlGoneChild: "California DOES NOT know how to party."
According to Anthony York PolitiCal, The Times' California Politics blog, Prop. 19 drew its strongest support from voters younger than 25, Democrats and big-city dwellers. But the Bay Area was the only place it is projected to have won. Read the full analysis here.

In the end, some Prop. 19 backers could not hide their disappointment. "Way to go California, you messed up with #Prop8 and now again with #Prop19," wrote Joey.
How do you feel about the apparent demise of Prop 19? Continue to share your views here. You can also offer election commentary on Twitter by using the hashtag #latvote.