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After TSA airport showdown, John Tyner is glad he took a stand

November 19, 2010 |  8:56 am


John Tyner knows he's at minute 14.5 of his headlong rush into the national spotlight. And he couldn't be happier.

An audio recording capturing Tyner's showdown with San Diego airport security screeners a week ago brought the software engineer instant celebrity. His story has been featured on all the major news and late-night comedy shows. Bloggers have alternately praised and excoriated him.

A "Don't Touch My Junk … and Don't Touch My Kid's Junk, Either" T-shirt is reportedly selling quickly on the Internet. So are other commercial products using Tyner's widely heard challenge to a Transportation Security Administration screener: "If you touch my junk I'll have you arrested."

But after a dizzying week of interviews explaining why he refused to submit to a full-body scan or a pat-down search, the former bicycle racer who considers himself a Libertarian says he's ready to slide back into his normal life.

"I'll be back at work on Friday," said Tyner, 31, pausing at midweek for a brief interview between other media calls. "Hopefully I'll be able to get back on my bike again soon."

Tyner's story has touched a nerve with the flying public, dividing passengers into two camps: those willing to put up with invasive security measures for safety's sake and those saying enough is enough.

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-- Catherine Saillant

Photo: John Tyner. Credit: Mark Boster/Los Angeles Times