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'Hot for Teachers' video produced by L.A. parents protesting school budget cuts

April 7, 2010 |  9:18 am

The parents at Wonderland Avenue Elementary in Laurel Canyon were irate about the proposed education cuts from the state budget. So instead of going to Sacramento, they went straight to Hollywood.

The school’s PTA president came up with the idea of creating a video, and one parent suggested they ask Brian Austin Green (of "Beverly Hills, 90210" fame) to star in it. Green, whose son attends the school, agreed, and he got his girlfriend, actress Megan Fox, to costar.

The result was a four-minute short called “Hot for Teachers” that went live on Funny or Die, a viral comedy video site, on Wednesday. It begins with the Wonderland principal addressing a group of parents yelling about the budget cuts. Then Green gets a call on his phone from Fox.

“People are freaking out about these budget cuts,” he says into the phone. “It’s like Attica in here.”

Green tells Fox to wait for him in the library, and on her way there, she encounters a group of fifth-graders sprawled on the floor and on top of cabinets because of overcrowding. They mistake her for their new teacher. The kids tell Fox their teacher was laid off and their class was combined with another.

“The kids in this class are multiplying faster than my head lice,” said one of the students as she scratches  her head.

“It’s no wonder so many of us end up in prison,” laments another.

The video ends with Green and Fox urging viewers to sign a petition on the Say No to Cuts website and to “call, write, and annoy the governor until he cries for his mommy.”

Wonderland parents wrote the script and and produced the video with the help of Funny or Die, said John Koch, an entertainment public relations expert whose daughter attends the school. He helped write the script.

“The video is an exaggeration. It’s meant to be funny, but the question is, when is enough enough?” Koch said. “How far are these cuts going to go? It’s a tough situation for a lot of people.”

-- My-Thuan Tran