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Are you an independent voter who's tired of campaign ads? Steve Lopez wants to hear from you

April 29, 2010 | 12:08 pm

Hey, you. Yeah, you, the one whose eyes roll back in your head when you see TV ads in the race for governor of California. What are you doing between now and November?


I ask because I’m looking for three brave souls who are willing to stick with me through the campaign and share your thoughts as the candidates either win you over or drive you away. Just one catch. You have to be undecided right now as to whether you’re going to settle on Meg Whitman, Steve Poizner or Jerry Brown.

As you might have seen, Decline to State voters now comprise 20% of the total, with Republicans dropping to 30.8% and Dems up slightly to 44.6%. So Decline to State voters, and other independents, could decide this thing.

Steve Peace, a former Democratic legislator now with the California Independent Voter Project, says independents come in all political stripes and they’re also varied ethnically and income-wise.

But they share an aversion “to being marched like army ants” by the forces of the two major parties. “Neither party is organized to reason with people,” said Peace. “They’re set up to scare and bludgeon people” into believing they must fall into line “to save themselves from Armageddon.” One byproduct is idea-free campaigns.

Jerry Brown has told us nothing about what he’ll do. Meg Whitman has offered more in the way of ideas, but little in the way of explanations or details, as Peace sees it. And Poizner is simply busy trying to convince people he’s more conservative than Whitman.

So please talk back to me, and I’ll pick three independent-minded people to periodically check in with through the campaign.

We’ll run your photos and a little bio and maybe we’ll even take your questions and criticisms and pose them directly to the candidates, who will ignore us at their own peril.

-- Steve Lopez