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Reintroducing one doctor’s healthcare reform solution. Can sanity prevail?

February 24, 2010 |  9:36 am

My Verdugo Hills doctor, Paul Toffel, is giving one last push to his healthcare reform proposal on the eve of the bipartisan White House summit.

Whether it's workable politically or practically is open to debate, but it's certainly bipartisan, and by Toffel's numbers, there'd be no new taxes and no additional national debt. Since I first wrote about it last August, Toffel, a clinical professor at USC's Keck School of Medicine, says each of his five points have been part of the debate at one time or another.

Take a look at the Toffel Fix and tell us what you think:

1. Change the current 50-state patchwork of private insurance programs to a national clearinghouse of choices to increase competition and provide portability for working Americans.

2. Return health insurance companies to the pre-1984 federal regulations that required 85% of collected premiums to go to healthcare.

3. Require all working citizens to purchase insurance to broaden the base and flatten the playing field, allowing elimination of pre-existing clauses.

4. Enact meaningful federal tort reform, as already exists in eight states with huge success in decreasing medical costs.

5. Mandate the 159 urban medical schools, who receive federal grants, to first serve the hard-core indigent and illegal immigrants in their shadows before engaging in empires of private practice (See the USC/LA County Hospital model).

-- Steve Lopez