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Animal-rights activists aim protests at UCLA researchers' children, blog says

February 24, 2010 | 11:28 am

LinkinglaAnimal-rights activists plan to hand out fliers and protest at schools attended by the children of UCLA researchers.

Laist reports that these activists -- already known for protesting animal research both at UCLA and in the neighborhoods where UCLA researchers live -- will go to the schools attended by children of researchers and hand out information to children about what their peer's parents do for a living:

From protests and pipe bombs comes the latest in the escalating drama between animal activists and UCLA researchers that use animals in their experiments: protesting at the schools of researcher's children.

Activists plan on legally leafleting the school in order to educate fellow students what their classmate’s father does for a living,' warns a posting on the blog Negotiation is Over about UCLA neurobiologist Dario Ringac.

Read the full story here.

Here are some other interesting L.A. reads on the Web today:

Saving the Maravilla Handball Court: East L.A. residents are banding together to preserve and restore a local handball court. KPCC reports: "The aim is twofold – to restore some of the lost glory of this L.A. cultural landmark and to honor the memory of Michi and Tommy Nishiyama, the Japanese American couple who ran the court and the adjacent El Centro grocery store for 65 years."

Cypress police to charge rowdy residents: The Cypress City Council has voted to allow police to charge residents for loud and disruptive parties. The Orange County Register reports: "Cypress police may soon have the authority to start billing for 'extraordinary police calls,' which the department said are calls where officers need to respond multiple times to loud parties or similar situations."

Community fundraiser for injured gang interventionist: South L.A. residents gathered to raise money for a gang intervention worker who was shot and paralyzed. L.A. Beez reports: Calvin Hodges "was wounded by gunfire in the Nickerson Gardens Housing Project last October while doing outreach. This caused him to lose the use of his legs. The fundraiser aimed to cover medical costs for Hodges and help support his wife and children."

-- Anthony Pesce

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