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Prop. 8: Disappointment at Leimert Park rally

May 26, 2009 | 11:17 am

Shortly before 10 a.m. at Leimert Park, nearly 1,000 clergy members and gay couples gathered at the Lucy Florence Coffee Shop in the heart of Los Angeles’ black community.

The location was chosen by gay activists to send the message that they would reach out to people of color as they launch on the next campaign to persuade voters to support the legalization of gay marriage. More than a dozen TV cameras were set up in the coffee shop’s small meeting room.

Seconds after 10 the crowd's BlackBerrys and cellphones began to vibrate. "It’s 6-1 against," a reporter said. Even though they had been expecting the decision, the clergy and gay couples appeared dismayed. “This is nothing short of an apartheid in our own state” said Rabbi Denise Egger. Marc Solomon, Marriage Director for Equality California, called the ruling a “real [discouragement] of justice” and promised that in the days ahead, the people of California would get to know the 18,000 couples that are now legally married and see that they “simply want to raise their families.”

Solomon said gay marriage supporters were planning to go back to the ballot in 2010.

--Jessica Garrison at Leimert Park