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Don't forget, Barack Obama also opposes gay marriage

December 30, 2008 |  8:03 am

Are gay marriage backers using a double standard in their criticism of Rick Warren's upcoming appearance at the Obama inauguration? Mona Charen in the National Review raised the issue, noting that Warren and Obama both oppose gay marriage:

What had Warren done to provoke such feelings? He supported California’s Proposition 8, which overturned a state Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage. But wait, Barack Obama opposed gay marriage, didn’t he? He stated explicitly during the campaign that he believed marriage to be the union “between one man and one woman.” His supporters clearly assumed he was being disingenuous. Based on Obama’s other beliefs, the atmospherics of the campaign, and their own hopes, they dismissed his opposition to gay marriage. Other supporters of traditional marriage don’t get such gentle treatment from proponents of gay marriage. Instead, as the above quotes on Warren demonstrate, there is a pretty systematic effort to portray opponents of gay marriage as simple bigots, no more deserving of respect than racists or anti-Semites.

Meanwhile, Mary Sanchez believes Rick Warren has some work to do.

-- Shelby Grad