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Temecula remains proudly red in a sea of blue

November 4, 2008 | 10:49 pm

Most of California was solid Obama territory Tuesday, but a swath of southwestern Riverside County remained resolutely in the red.

That was apparent in a garage polling station on Calle Katerine in Temecula where a bowl of candy and religious tracts sat inside the doorway. Those with a sweet tooth grabbed the Skittles, while the spiritually hungry could walk off with booklets like "One Way!" and "The Word Became Flesh."

In this sprawling Republican stronghold of social conservatives and mega-churches, no one looked twice. "Yes on 8" signs, supporting the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, sprouted from yards, trees and bumpers. Many yards had two or three just to make the point. And McCain-Palin signs vastly outnumbered the few Obama-Biden placards.

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--David Kelly

Photo: LAT file