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Arnold Schwarzenegger on Miss Alaska vs. Mr. Universe

October 7, 2008 |  2:08 pm

The Governator and that pesky Democrat, Maria Shriver Thought you might enjoy this e-mail that landed in my inbox today:

When Arnold Schwarzenegger married Maria Shriver, he knew she came with baggage.

"I said 'I take this woman in sickness and in health. And being a Democrat is her sickness,' " the Republican governor quipped.

Speaking during a discussion at the American Magazine Conference in San Francisco this morning, Schwarzenegger, the governor of one in seven Americans, offered his opinions on everything from Sarah Palin and the election to the Constitution.

Palin, he said, provided Republican presidential candidate John McCain a running mate with "tremendous strength for the campaign and tremendous vulnerabilities."  He then quickly discounted the "vulnerabilities" explaining that while she was criticized for a lack of experience, serving as a small town mayor and than as governor provided experience that was "much more than being in the Senate because they don’t have to manage anything."

"I think she would be a great vice president," he said.

What about Schwarzenegger's own ambition -- should the Constitution be changed to permit someone who isn't a "natural born" American to run for president or vice president?

"Absolutely," he replied, adding in jest that it was the first issue he brought up with Sarah Palin after she was picked to be McCain’s running mate.

"When McCain picked Sarah Palin, I called her and said 'You see that’s what is wrong with the Constitution,' " Schwarzenegger said. " 'Miss Alaska is beating Mr. Universe and can run for vice president or become president. There’s something off here'."

"She didn’t think it was so funny," he added.

For Schwarzenegger's take on Barack Obama and John McCain, click on the jump.

-- Veronique de Turenne

Schwarzenegger said it's way too early to count him out even though the Arizona senator is running behind in many of the polls.

"He’s one of those guys that goes down and then he comes back," Schwarzenegger said. "So now he’s experiencing again one of his down periods, but he has another three or four weeks to go and I think that he has a good shot of coming back again."

Although he has endorsed McCain, the California governor also had kind words for the Democratic presidential nominee, Barack Obama, describing him as a man of huge ambition.

"I think that he believes 100% that he deserves to be in that position. I think he believes that he could do the job…" he said. "I can relate to that kind of drive because you have to have that in you. It’s not something that you acquire or that you can learn."