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Good morning -- here's what's happening 9.25.08

September 25, 2008 |  8:33 am

Love the guy in the stands with the Manny Ramirez dreadlocks hat Another day of that drumbeat of doom -- the looming financial crisis. Nothing the feds say seems to persuade either Congress or Americans that writing a blank check to the very same financial institutions that got us into this mess is a very good idea.

Speaking of money, just who stands to make big bucks from Prop. 10, a fuel and energy initiative that  California would pay for by borrowing $5 billion? (Add in interest and that number doubles to $10 billion.) None other than Texas zillionaire T. Boone Pickins, who's shelled out $3.8 million to get the measure on your November ballot and to convince you to vote for it.

Dodgers are soooooo close to clinching the West -- one win for the boys in blue or one loss for those Arizona guys, and we're in.

Happy? Not so fast, says Bill Plaschke. (Seriously, you're surprised?) History just isn't on the Dodgers' side.

Texting, the 21st century version of running with scissors, is now officially against the law.

Police have made an arrest in the murder of a USC student, who was stabbed to death off campus last week. Cops say it's not gang related.

Bye_bye_betty_6 Witnesses say the man killed by a Metrolink train in the Antelope Valley on Wednesday deliberately stepped in its path.

Patrick Flynn, conductor of the Riverside County Phil for 19 years, has died.

New-home sales slid in August, taking prices with them.

"Ugly Betty" has decamped Los Angeles to shoot in NYC.

--Veronique de Turenne

Photos: Alex Gallardo / Los Angeles Times (Dodgers); ABC ("Ugly Betty")