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Only in L.A.: A tribute

August 15, 2008 |  8:33 am

We Can Help

"Only in L.A." is departing from the print editions of the L.A. Times. But Steve Harvey will continue to contribute occasional items chronicling the city's light side to L.A. Now. Here's samples from a Harvey tribute in today's paper:

Is that a gun in your pants?

Not everyone is born with the talent to make up plausible alibis on a moment's notice.

Take the gang member walking down an L.A. street with a handgun visible in his waistband. Before he donned a pair of handcuffs, he told officers John Banuelos and Manny Sierra that "the pants he was wearing were actually not his and he hadn't noticed that it [the gun] was in there," said the Thin Blue Line, an LAPD newspaper.

Further proof of the complications that can ensue if you get in someone else's pants.

Panhandling makeover

A while back, David Chan of L.A. observed a panhandler at the Wilshire Boulevard offramp to the Harbor Freeway holding a sign that said, "Homeless, Broke and Ugly." Believe it or not, that approach evidently didn't work out too well.

The other day Chan saw a new occupant of that area with a more positive sign. It said, "The Sexiest Bum."

More great photos from columns over the years here.