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So, this is why we can't sleep at night

July 8, 2008 |  1:38 pm

BirdIt's those damned mockingbirds! While roosters might crow only at sunrise, your neighborhood mockingbird can sing all night long during the summer, as KPCC reporter Steven Cuevas can attest to:

"Sometimes I'd roust him from the tree with a wet blast from the garden hose. He'd flutter to the top of a telephone pole and resume his song. On those nights, I yearned to take him on a 'long walk on a short branch,' if you know what I mean."

All that nocturnal "fweeping" is probably coming from an unmated male seeking a mate. Unless you consider clear-cutting every tree in your neighborhood, you are probably stuck listening to your resident mockingbird rehearsing its favorite pick-up lines until August, even September. Isn't there a match.com for mockingbirds?

-- Jesus Sanchez

Photo: Audubon Society