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A second paparazzi brawl in Malibu on Sunday

June 23, 2008 | 10:30 am

Stalkerazzi_wait_for_britney_2 So we're sitting here on the deck of my house (well, trailer, really) in Paradise Cove yesterday, minding our own business and trying to stay cool, when a sheriff's helicopter starts circling above. It's about 6 p.m., the heat is breaking and the Paradise Cove Beach Cafe, a wildly popular restaurant on the sand, is jammed.

A friend, Diana, is here to shoot an assignment for a photo class -- environmental portraits -- and she heads to the beach to find surfers. What she gets instead is a series of increasingly hostile questions about what she's doing on the beach with a camera (already answered) and whether she's a paparazzo. (Ummm, no.)

Diana says as much to several young men who clearly don't believe her. (And don't have the sense of a sand flea, considering she's got a tripod, a flash and one of those white photo flash umbrellas tucked into her beach tote, which has her initials on it. Not exactly the crash-and-grab set-up of a pap rat.) They threaten her a bit and scare her a lot until a tatooed surfer believes her and lets Diana shoot his photo for her assignment.

Turns out the helicopter that circled for 20 minutes and the sirens that followed were L.A. County sheriff's deputies responding to a brawl near the cafe, where a pack of paparazzi were trying to get a shot of (we're told, but didn't see him) Colin Farrell.

Considering the dust-up that happened on Saturday at Little Dume, a lovely cove just a quarter mile north of here, where a bunch of surfers menaced the pack of papratz stalking Matthew McConaughey, and the anti-paparazzi law our fair city of Malibu has vowed to pass, this isn't the last we'll be hearing on this particular topic. (Oh -- and that's a shot of the pack waiting at the foot of the road to Britney Spears' house last fall.)

-- Veronique de Turenne