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Incentive ($300 million!) to be inventive

June 28, 2008 |  4:38 pm

John_mccain_wants_you_to_be_inventi Got an idea for a better battery? John McCain wants to give you $300 million to invent one:

Sen. John McCain added an unusual twist to his emerging energy agenda Monday, promising to award a $300-million prize to the inventor of a next-generation battery that could power electric vehicles. The prize amount is small relative to the billions of dollars the federal government spends on other energy industries. The Bush administration has already pledged $1.2 billion toward research on hydrogen fuel cells, a technology that proponents say is 10 or more years from viability.

But the Arizona senator spoke expansively Monday of the potential of American ingenuity. "We are the country of Edison, Fulton and two brothers named Wright," he said at a town hall event at Fresno State University's Satellite Student Union. "Think of all the highest scientific endeavors of our age: the invention of the silicon chip, the creation of the Internet, the mapping of the human genome."

More details in the full story here.