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Good morning -- here's what's happening 3.10.08

April 10, 2008 |  8:07 am

First he shrank his salary, now the new No. 2 at LAUSD wants to shrink the bureaucracy. More about the plans Ramon C. Cortines has for L.A. area schools -- and just how he thinks he can achieve his lofty goals from Howard Blume.

Why did Michael Ovitz hire Anthony Pellicano in the first place? To dig up dirt on a pair of reporters who were bugging him. Oh -- and he's not sorry. Read Carla Hall's trial story.

A woman is shot to death on an onramp of the 110 Freeway, Francisco Vara Orta reports.

It took a court order but a man got the Huntington Beach police to give him back his marijuana. LAT

Antonio Villaraigosa spanks Homeland Security for immigration priorities that target legitimate businesses and says the agency should focus on criminal gangs. Chertoff shrugs. Anna Gorman has details. 

Speaking of which, should LAPD be allowed to ask about immigration status? Vote at La Plaza.

American Airlines' canceled flights now number 1,100 and even more are expected. That adds up to over 100,000 very angry passengers. More on this fiasco from Martin Zimmerman and Andrea Chang.

Five years ago today, Saddam Hussein's regime fell. What's happened between then and now depends on who you ask. And you could argue this isn't a local story, except of course it is, in every city, town, village and household in America. LAT

--Veronique de Turenne