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Some photos for you to chew on

March 4, 2008 |  4:45 pm

yummy gummy bears Not only does photographer  Kealoha Villa find his models inspiring and colorful, they are also tasty, and in some cases, sugar-free, too. These tiny, gelatinous candies are the stars of the Long Beach resident's Gummy Bear 365, a once-a-day photo project he shares with friends and fans on Flickr.

What can you do with a Gummy Bear, a camera and a few minutes each day? Well, there are Gummies studying a crossword puzzlemunching on fruit, voting in the state primary and dressed as the Incredible Gummy Hulk. There are also Gummies on the rocks and, Villa's favorite, a Gummy at rest. (Click on the Full Story link at the bottom for a Q&A.)

Villa, who is on day 217 of his project, squeezes in his daily photo sessions while working as a database administrator in Irvine or in the Long Beach apartment he shares with his girlfriend, Sheri.

Though Villa is fond of green, lime-flavored Gummies or sugar-free tangerine and blueberry bears, he resists the temptation to pop them in his mouth once they have been photographed.

"I simply leave them where I photographed them, only for them to be found by Sheri (my girlfriend), which she isn't always happy about," he said.

--Jesus Sanchez

Photo: Kealoha Villa