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Good morning -- here's what's happening 3.13.08

March 13, 2008 |  7:49 am

Remember Steve Thomas Rooney, the principal charged with molesting a 13-year-old girl at Markham Middle School last week? Turns out that just months before officials moved him to the new school, police investigated him for having sex with an underage girl -- and then pulling a gun on her stepfather. Lots of outrage -- and some outrageous explanations -- in the full story.

A serious downturn in downtown L.A. condo sales (a 16% dip, with units for sale at steep discounts) has investors worried and boosters seeking a silver lining. Peter Y. Hong has details.

Republicans in the assembly block (surprise!) an oil tax bill which they say Democrats rushed to a vote simply as (surprise!) a publicity stunt. Meanwhile, the state budget mess stays messy. Evan Halper has the (unsurprising) details.

The traffic crunch caused by customers at some In-N-Out Burgers' drive-through lanes has neighboring businesses complaining that their customers can't get in. Or out. Yep, it's a Bob Pool story.

After weeks of draining, Silver Lake reservoir is down the drain, Amanda Covarrubias reports.

A former assistant to accused P.I. Anthony Pellicano weeps and tells the court she feared for her life. More on the trial from Greg Krikorian.

A judge calls the decision by immigration officials to withhold medical treatment from a Salvadoran man who later died of cancer "beyond cruel and unusual," and allows his family to seek damages in his death. Henry Weinstein has the full story.

A journalist's five favorite words? "Governor linked to prostitution ring." A look at media reaction from Mary McNamara.

-- Veronique de Turenne