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The way they were

February 22, 2008 | 11:50 am

Oscar, Oscar, Oscar. Live in L.A. and that's all you hear this time of year. (We've contributed our fair share in the blog, though we go for the yin/yang effect of a burly, sweaty guy in shirtsleeves shoving the Golden Guy sideways through a door.)

Organizers try to make it about the movies, but on the red carpet, Oscar is all about the stars. Some, like George Clooney (Hi, George!) have that old-time magic. For others, the '80s Brat Pack tarnish still endures.

So here's my pitch that yes, it's true, the stars used to be, well, shinier. Even in this blooper reel, (warning — some mild cursing ahead) in grainy black-and-white, and played on a small computer screen, they're larger than life.

-- Veronique de Turenne