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Cry me un rio

February 21, 2008 | 12:47 pm


To clarify: The main point I was making Wednesday in a posting here was that I am not intimidated, threatened, or driven into fits over the use of languages other than English, particularly when it’s ONE PARAGRAPH of Spanish.

That’s what got this whole back-and-forth started. One paragraph of Spanish. In fact, I agree that immigrants would do well to learn English and should encourage their children to do the same. But all anyone has to do is mention Spanish and yahoos fall out of every tree waving the U.S. flag, yammering about the demise of “American” culture.

Would readers have been as worked up if it was one paragraph of Italian, or German, or Korean?

I think a creative writing award should go to the genius who suggested that the Times panders to Hispanics in an attempt to stay afloat and that the result is “abysmal journalistic quality.” It must be liberating to know so little and feel so terribly well-informed.

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