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The man who punched Glenn Danzig has written a book about it

July 5, 2012 |  7:12 am

Glenn Danzig in 1994
Do you want to read a book about what it's like to punch Glenn Danzig? Maybe it's something you've been pining for. But don't worry, the wait is over. That book is finally on its way.

The author/pugilist is Danny Marianino from the band the North Side Kings. The punchee is the notoriously buff Glenn Danzig, the hard-rocking musician who got his start as lead singer of the Misfits. The encounter, which happened in 2004, was captured on video. It has had a long Internet shelf life.

It's the Internet attention that prompted Marianino to write about his experience in a book he's titled "Don't Ever Punch a Rock Star: A Collection of Hate Mail and Other Crazy Rumors." Marianino has set up a Facebook page for it (via Spin). There, Marianino writes:

I have had this book sitting dormant for a while. I enjoy writing and wrote it more or less for fun, but after the LA Weekly interview where he yet again almost eight years later said he allowed me to hit him cause he didn't want to get sued, I finally decided to put the book in motion. Just cause interviewers ask the question doesn't mean you have to answer it, with nonsense of course....

I'm not mad, I'm not bitter, actually I find it amusing. This book is not about a ten second fight. This book is about pokes fun of all of the internet bullying that came my way, and continues to come my way every time he is in the news acting crazy at festivals or saying something completely false about what happened between him and I.

Please laugh. This is a funny book. It pokes fun at me. It pokes fun at the situation. The hate mail and rumors is very amusing. Amusing enough for an entire book. If I am laughing at the whole situation years later, so has anyone that has read this and you should be too. Lighten up people, the world is too messed up to be all angry all the time.

According to the Facebook page, the book "profiles a regular guys journey in music and learning to shrug off one of the most opinionated events in music history. Plus an amazing amount of hate mail." It is not currently available through major book retailers Barnes & Noble and Amazon, but its Facebook page has more than 650 TK "likes."


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— Carolyn Kellogg

Photo: Glenn Danzig performing in 1994. Credit: Los Angeles Times