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Don Delillo's 'Cosmopolis,' via David Cronenberg [video]

April 26, 2012 | 12:52 pm

So here's this: I am a huge fan of Don Delillo. I would say acolyte, but as far as I know, there is not yet a Church of Delillo where I might light candles and hum reverently. The closest I've gotten is sitting down with one of his books -- any of the, all of them -- and reading.

And David Cronenberg -- well, I may not be as devoted, but I am definitely an admirer, one always eager to see his next film.

But Don Delillo and David Cronenberg together? I'm just not sure. The trailer for "Cosmopolis," starring Robert Pattinson, is above.

In some ways, it's a perfect fit. Both author and filmmaker are masters of dramatic, pared down language; heightened imagery in slightly futuristic setting; and, most importantly, an unrelenting sense of unease.

Yet I sense a problem. The plot goes like this: a billionaire asset manager, who wants a haircut, rides around Manhattan in his limo. And it is not a comedy.

Maybe it's only my problem. When it comes to Delillo, "Cosmopolis" falls at the bottom of this fan's reading list. So I have a hard time imagining why this, of all his amazing stories, is getting to screens.

Maybe in Cronenberg's hands, it'll be transformed -- or maybe the twinned vision from these two will be just fine.


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