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Amanda Knox: Should she get a book deal?

October 3, 2011 |  2:49 pm


Amanda Knox was cleared of murder charges in Italy on Monday. Jurors threw out the 2009 conviction of the American student in the slaying of her British roommate four years ago. Almost immediately, publishing watchers began asking if a book deal for Knox might be on the way.

This summer, when another young woman who had attracted media attention was found innocent of murder, one expert speculated that she could get $750,000 for a book deal. That was Casey Anthony. Despite the jurors' decision, the public had little sympathy for Anthony, whose young daughter disappeared under mysterious circumstances and was later found dead. Eighty percent of people who responded to a Jacket Copy poll said they were not interested in a book from Casey Anthony.

Will Amanda Knox face the same fate? Knox was studying abroad in Italy when roommate Meredith Kercher's throat was slashed. The sensational case, which attracted international media attention, involved Knox's then boyfriend and, the Italian courts had contended, a sex game gone wrong.

They used to say that all publicity is good publicity, but Anthony's case may disprove the cliche. Then again, Knox's innocence may be seen differently from Anthony's. What do you think: Would you read a book by Amanda Knox?


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-- Carolyn Kellogg

Photo: Amanda Knox in an Italian courtroom in June. Credit: Peitro Crocchioni / European Pressphoto Agency