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Men of the Stacks: A library lover's pinup calendar

September 30, 2011 |  3:56 pm


Can librarians be pinups? Twelve of them are -- in the 2012 Men of the Stacks calendar. These are men who are happy to be seen as something other than just bespeckled bookworms and who want to reach out beyond the ladies-only sexy librarian cliche.

On the Men of the Stacks website, they write:

We are, or course, professionals.  We are educators, programmers, project managers, entrepreneurs, program coordinators, contractors, consultants, and speakers.  We are academics.  We are authors, diversity officers, historians, administrators, deans, professors, and researchers.  We are creatives.  We are musicians, bakers, painters, and storytellers.  We are athletes, yogis, gym-rats, runners, and hikers.  We are passionate.  We are dog-lovers, radicals, conservatives, Christians, and Buddhists.  We are in our twenties.  We are in our forties.  We are in relationships.  We are perpetual bachelors.  We are privileged beings who try to use their advantages to better the lives of others.

Who are we?  We are The Men of the Stacks.

Oprah's blog calls them "rather studly." The inaugural Men of the Stacks calendar costs $19.99; proceeds go to the It Gets Better fund.


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-- Carolyn Kellogg

Photo: Screenshot of the Men of the Stacks calendar photo gallery. Credit: Men of the Stacks