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Did the 'Machine Man' book trailer cost an arm and a leg? [video]

August 10, 2011 |  6:46 am

Australian author Max Barry is figuring out how to promote his book "Machine Man" in America, because his publisher, Vintage Contemporaries, isn't sending him here on book tour.

He's giving away a galley. He's got magnets. He's willing to Skype you and talk about whatever you want (you can show him your cat), as long as you purchase three copies of his book. And the book trailer above shows to exactly what lengths an author will go to promote his work.

"Machine Man" is about a man who loses a leg and goes looking for a replacement, and the prostheticist/cyberticist who he comes to know.  A version of it was posted in serial format on Barry's website, but the very savvy Charlie Jane Anders at io9 says the book version is "much, much better," proclaiming, "'Machine Man' is the cyborg novel you've been waiting for."


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-- Carolyn Kellogg