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Bob Mould's 'See A Little Light,' in our pages

June 13, 2011 | 10:55 am

Bob Mould, one-third of the iconic post-punk trio Hüsker Dü, has published a memoir. "See a Little Light: The Trail of Rage and Melody," written with the help of rock journalist Michael Azerrad, chronicles the vans, the shows, the grungy recording studios -- but it also discusses Mould's late reckoning with his sexuality.

In our pages, reviewer Richard Cromelin writes:

A self-described "screaming hulk" as co-leader of the Minneapolis trio Hüsker Dü, Mould was one of the key architects of the American indie-rock community, and of the musical foundation that would form the core of '90s alternative rock. ...

Mould was focused and controlling, obsessive-compulsive and clinically depressed. He started drinking at 13 and didn't stop for a day until he quit cold turkey 12 years later.

It's no surprise, then, that self-analysis and DIY psychology occupy much of "See a Little Light," whose overriding theme is the author's struggle to break down his defenses and reinvent himself.

Mould isn't a warm and fuzzy companion on this journey. Thorny, earnest and intense, he nonetheless elicits sympathy as he figures out how to deal with people and with his own nature.

Read the complete review here

-- Carolyn Kellogg