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Sarah Silverman's memoir: A little bit serious

May 5, 2010 |  6:04 am


Why did comedian Sarah Silverman write a book? " I'm writing this book because I am a famous comedian, which is how it works now," she writes in her new memoir, "The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee." "If you're famous, you get to write a book, and not the other way around."

For all her trademark sass, Josh Sandoval writes in the L.A. Times review, Silverman also has splashes of sensitivity. She really did wet her bed. She really did get depressed -- clinical-depression-style depressed -- for three years. She really did get sad when her grandmother died.

Silverman's stand-up delivery transitions nicely to the page as she jumps from soft, sensitive subjects to taboos and tense topics. ... She isn't shy about the details of her early sex life, writing about losing her virginity to fellow comedian Kevin Brennan and pointing out that, at one point, she dated comedian Dave Attell. ...

Call it the curse of being a comedian, but at first it's hard to believe Silverman is being serious when she's trying to be. However, her highly intelligent musings on race, politics and hypocrisy are what most fans of her humor will want to read most.

Silverman doesn't say much about former boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel. Maybe she's learned one of the tricks of being a published author: Keep something in reserve for a sequel.

-- Carolyn Kellogg

Photo: Sarah Silverman in 2009. Credit: Robyn Von Swank / Comedy Central

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