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Festival of Books: Tweet-think about author panels and beyond

April 24, 2010 |  1:12 pm

Latfob group shot(2)

Tweets from the L.A. Times Festival of Books today at UCLA:

@Hanhonymous Author Richard Wrangham says a woman on a raw food diet can't breed. Men's level of sexual interest wanes. #latfob

@Hanhonymous Wrangham: Linguistic diversity is being lost. Also genetic diversity. In 300 years we'll resemble Chinese women. LOL #latfob

@thoughtsithink Uncomfortable moment at #LATFOB - Michael Connelly is now staring daggers at old man that asked a question w MAJOR spoiler (via @jasonpinter)

@WriterDaniel #latfob Lots of people in Indiana Jones hats today. I approve.

@BookBeast Cari Beauchamp says most of Kennedy fortune came from Hollywood in late 1920s not illegal booze #latfob

@KAR_CA_West As we move from page to screen, we lose the ability to pay attention--nicholas carr #latfob

@robspill Ander Monson "I started writing as a plagiarist." #LATFOB

@thoughtsithink "I like the smell of paper" - Robert Crais #LATFOB (re: e-readers)

@Kittscher "Unless you're terminally ill, don't self-publish" says @megcabot in convo w/@cecilseaskull #latfob

@wmilam The witty (& pretty) @megcabot writing a vampire book AND a dark modern interpretation of Persephone? YES PLEASE. #latfob

@madhuri567 A girl after my own heart. RT @latimesfob Meg Cabot's personal rule for life? "Never pass a bathroom without going in" :-) #latfob

-- Compiled by Mary Forgione