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A book for Blagojevich? And other book news

February 14, 2009 | 11:12 am


Recently-dismissed Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was in New York this week, and rumors place him at publisher Macmillan's. Why assume he has a book in the works? Maybe he just wanted a tour of the Flatiron building.

When I blogged about our reviews and features on T.C. Boyle and his new book "The Women," I thought I'd pretty much covered it, but there are two more of note. The New York Times talks to Boyle this week in its  book review podcast, and the Barnes & Noble Review gets Ward Sutton to review the book in comic form.

At the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Bob Hoover worries that Google is out-experting the experts.

CalArts professor John Haskell, whose new novel is "Out of My Skin," talks to the Village Voice.

I love writers who can think on a page, whose writing is so alive, word by word and moment by moment, that, not only does the language seem to actually be living, but the objects in the imagined world are also living. And the story itself comes alive.

Speaking of bringing stories to life, Philip K. Dick's last wife, Tessa, talks to the Self Publishing Review about her new book, "The Owl in Daylight," a title he came up with for a book he intended to write. She explains:  

The Owl in Daylight is my concept of what Phil’s novel should be. I relied heavily on Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute. The plot is loosely based on Phil’s life, which will become more apparent in the sequel, The Owl in Twilight.  

Sometimes I do feel that Phil is communicating with me from beyond the grave, but that concept is too spooky for me to accept completely. It’s probably just that I knew him so well that I can think the way he did.

-- Carolyn Kellogg

Photo credit: Paul Beaty / Associated Press