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A clever literary auction

December 23, 2007 |  9:41 am

If you’re a fan of writer Peter Matthiessen and you have at least $16,000 to spare, you might have a shot at accompanying Matthiessen on a trip to Belize for wildlife- and bird-watching (the package allows you to have six people in your party). Think it’s worth it?It’s certainly worth it to The Paris Review, which is asking readers to help support the magazine with a unique auction.

The other item now on the block is a day on the set of the film "Blink," starring Leonardo DiCaprio, with screenwriter and director Stephen Gaghan. So far, the going bid is $4,750. And for the Matthiessen trip? Nothing yet. Zilch! Hanging out with Leo might appeal to some, but how can this compare with an opportunity to observe spider monkeys, ocelots, explore barrier reefs and jungles with one of the world’s preeminent writers? Oh c’mon thou readers with deep pockets! What are you waiting for?

Nick Owchar