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Notes on 2007, continued

December 31, 2007 | 11:33 pm

The Homicide Report will change, but will continue in some form in 2008. The Times aims to maintain the tone, conventions and style of this report, although the reporting job will change hands after January and entries may be scaled back somewhat. Names archived here will remain on the Web for the present.

The Times thanks all who have taken part in this effort to report all homicides in Los Angeles County. The Homicide Report is a kind of civic project which owes its success, in part, to the many public servants who have chosen to take an interest in its mission and who have participated in its production. These include both high- and low-level people in law enforcement and various emergency services agencies.

Among them are scores of clerks, police officers, sheriff's deputies, detectives, coroner's investigators, firefighters, technicians and public-information specialists who extended themselves in ways that went well beyond what was required of them--for no apparent reason except their conviction that these homicides deserved attention.

They offered information when it wasn't asked of them, brokered meetings with families, sought out photos unavailable to The Times, pointed out omissions, provided tips, supplied follow-up information without prompting, and generally took pains, again and again, to ensure that all homicides received equal treatment on this page.

Thanks in particular to those who worked with HR inside the LAPD, the Los Angeles County sheriff's homicide bureau, and the state Department of Motor Vehicles. Most of all, HR is grateful to the staff of the Los Angeles County coroner's office for their consistent efforts on behalf of this project throughout the year.