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Petite prefab: Six designs for a backyard office

April 28, 2012 | 10:21 am

Prefab OfficePod Prefab-Modern-Shed Prefab Verana SummerwoodSmall prefab structures are near-instant backyard work spaces, a corner office that feels separate from home but still provides a commute measured in steps instead of miles.  We put together a photo gallery detailing six options, including the KitHaus modernist mini-manse, the Verana assemble-it-yourself studio from Summerwood and British OfficePod trying to make its way to a garden near you. For details on concept, materials and prices, keep reading ...

PHOTO GALLERY: Small prefabs as backyard offices

Prefab Studio Shed Prefab G-Pod Prefab KitHaus



The pocket office

Separating work from home

House remodeled for live-work efficiency

Photo credits, clockwise from top left: OfficePod, Modern-Shed, Summerwood, Nicolas O.S. Marques for Kithaus, G-Pod, Studio Shed