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Can I recycle car seats?

December 13, 2011 |  7:30 am

CarseatCar seats can be recycled by Los Angeles residents in their blue bins. Although car seats are constructed from different types of materials, including plastic, metal, foam and fabric, and the city usually does not accept items made of mixed materials, car seats are 90% plastic by weight. That makes them valuable. L.A. sends the car seats to a reprocessor that dismantles them into their component parts and recycles the plastics and metals.

Neither the Salvation Army nor Goodwill accepts car seats. Residents in other cities that do not recycle car seats might want to consider buying one from a manufacturer such as Clek that has a take-back-and-recycle program. Because policies and recommendations can vary from city to city, each week we ask a sampling of officials from various municipalities to weigh in. Can you recycle car seats in:

Culver City: No.
Glendale: Yes, but only through bulk bin pickup.
Long Beach: No.
Los Angeles: Yes.
Manhattan Beach: Only the plastic base.
Riverside: Yes.
Santa Barbara: Yes, if metal or plastic.
Santa Monica: No.


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