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California Look: Room dividers by 100xbetter, Deja Vu

September 10, 2011 |  8:30 am

Blob-screen Deja vu screen The California Look poll, Round 5: Room dividers

What defines the California look today? L.A. at Home is in the middle of a two-week poll in which you will answer that question with your votes. So far, we've looked at planters, outdoor lamps, fire pits and weather-proof fabrics designed by Californians or fabricated in the Golden State. We chose the nominees with many factors in mind, including inspired form, efficient function, green production, technological innovation. But ultimately you will choose the winners.

Today, the subject is the room divider, decorative and functional screens to delineate space in open floor plans or -- in our recession-scarred, do-more-with-less home landscape -- to carve out a second space within a single room.

And the nominees are ...

  100xbetter screen Deja Vu divider inside







A. The Blob screen, left. It's milled on a computer-numeric-controlled router, the so-called CNC machine that shapes a great number of home furnishings today. The panels are made from half-inch-thick pieces of extira, a wood composite treated for outdoor use. The frame is Baltic birch. The design is by 100xbetter of Los Angeles.

B. The Visions screen, right. Layers medium-density fiberboard and bamboo plywood also are made by a CNC router. Each 11-inch-wide plank is joined back to back, in a mirror image of the other, on metal channels. The design is by Vincent Dogat, owner of Deja Vu in Long Beach.

Which room divider do you think best embodies California style today? Vote below and share your comments. Voting in this category will close in three days.



Coming Sunday: Side tables


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-- David A. Keeps

Left photo: 100xbetter

Right photo: Dejavu