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Sherwood Schwartz and a look back at the 'Brady Brunch' house

July 13, 2011 | 11:02 am


Sherwood Schwartz, creator of "The Brady Bunch," is remembered today in Dennis McClellan's obituary.

Brady-Schwartzes For a certain generation, the suburban split-level that Mike, Carol and company called home represented something of an ideal, and not just because Alice was around to do the vacuuming and dusting.

Back in 1994, a Times staff writer named, appropriately, David E. Brady reported on the story behind the Studio City house used for exterior shots of the Brady family home. That article, pegged to the 25th anniversary of the series' premiere, was headlined in part: "Chateau Brady: The house where TV's famous family lived out the early '70s still draws fans."

Though some websites list the address as North Hollywood, the house really is in Studio City.


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-- Craig Nakano

Upper photo: The "Brady Bunch" house, photographed in the mid-1990s. New owners had installed a fence to fend off fans peeking through the windows. Credit: David Bohrer / For The Times

Lower photo: Sherwood Schwartz, right, with son Lloyd by the famed Brady stairs. Credit: Los Angeles Times