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Can I recycle ... bubble wrap?

July 29, 2011 |  7:21 am


Plastic bubble wrap and other plastic air pillow packaging are not recyclable in L.A.’s blue bin. Although the wrap is made from low-density polyethylene plastic No. 7, the adhesives used to seal the sheets of plastic are not recyclable.

The Bureau of Sanitation recommends reusing plastic bubble wrap and air packaging or donating it to shipping firms, such as Mail Boxes Etc. Popped packaging should be placed in the black trash bin.

Because policies and recommendations can vary from city to city, each week we ask a sampling of officials from various municipalities to weigh in. Can you recycle plastic bubble wrap in … 

Arcadia: Yes
Burbank: No. It can be brought to the Burbank Recycle Center and placed in the plastic film bin.
Culver City: No
Long Beach: Yes
Los Angeles: No
Manhattan Beach: No
Riverside: Yes
Santa Monica: No. It can be brought to the Santa Monica Community Recycling Center for bundling with like materials.
Torrance: No
Ventura: No


Can I recycle packing peanuts, Ziploc bags, milk cartons, wine corks ... 

-- Susan Carpenter

Photo by Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times