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Can I recycle ... palm fronds?

June 10, 2011 |  7:07 am

Palm Palm fronds trimmed from trees at L.A. homes and on private property can be recycled in L.A.’s green waste bin.

The seeds from the palm head (the fleshy rind and hard kernel) are not recyclable in the green bin; they are trash and should be placed in the black bin. The city's mulching equipment is not able to grind the seeds adequately to prevent them from germinating and growing into new palm trees.

For palm fronds that fall from palm trees onto the street or into the public right-of-way, residents should call 311 and ask for Street Services. Palm fronds are collected by the Bureaus of Sanitation and Street Services and taken to a green material facility where they are recycled with yard and tree trimmings.

Because policies and recommendations can vary from city to city, each week we ask a sampling of officials from various municipalities to weigh in.

Keep reading to find out if I can recycle palm fronds in …

Arcadia: No
Burbank: Yes, in the green bin
Irvine: No
Glendale: No
L.A.: Yes, in the green bin
Pasadena: No
Riverside: Yes, in the green bin
Santa Ana: No
Santa Monica: No
Torrance: No
Unincorporated L.A.: No
Ventura: No


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-- Susan Carpenter

Photo: Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times