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Five steps from Martha Stewart toward (green) living

April 19, 2011 |  6:43 am

Martha When it comes to the environmentalist mantra, "reduce, reuse, recycle," even the most mainstream of lifestyle denizens are doing it -- including Martha Stewart, host of "The Martha Stewart Show" on the Hallmark Channel. How, exactly, is Martha Stewart living (green)? Here's what she told us via email: 

1) I've given up using bottled water in small containers. Instead, I fill a reusable, eco-friendly water container from a five-gallon container.

2) I use old newspaper for fire starters instead of throwing them away. I recycle all other paper.

3) All the vegetation on my farm, including tree limbs, fallen trees and roots, are ground up and turned into compost. All manure, weeds and garden debris are also composted.

4) Every kitchen scrap from all Martha Stewart Living kitchens is fed to chickens.

5) I keep my house temperatures to a minimum and use air conditioning only when very, very necessary.   

Stewart suggests the easiest way for consumers to go green is to take little steps, including recycling, using dish cloths instead of paper towels and walking up stairs instead of taking the elevator.  

-- Susan Carpenter

Photo: Martha Stewart. Credit: Scott Duncan