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Earth-bag fire pit: DIY mom builds her own outdoor seating area

April 30, 2011 |  5:59 am

When a friend suggested that Ilse Ackerman build her own fire pit with dirt-filled polypropylene tubes called earth bags, Ackerman joked that it sounded “too hippie even for me.” Ultimately she changed her mind, building her own outdoor lounge over three months using books, YouTube, other Internet advice and her own thriftiness.

To see how she did it, check out the full story and accompanying photo gallery courtesy of Ackerman's husband, photographer Meeno Peluce. If the family seems familiar, it's probably because their urban retreat, a Lincoln Heights home and garden that they call Skyfarm, was featured in a 2008 Home profile.


Skyfarm: Just outside downtown L.A., a family brings country living to the city

-- Lisa Boone

Photo credit: Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times