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Your ideas, recycled: How reader feedback led to a year-long look at household trash

February 7, 2011 |  7:00 am


Those of you following L.A. at Home know by now that we've made 2011 the Year of Trash -- more specifically, a year-long look at household garbage, how we recycle it and what can be done to reduce it. Part of our inspiration was you and your response to posts last year by my Times colleague Rene Lynch. As she dug through her own trash can looking for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle, readers chimed in with a long list of rants and, more important, questions in need of answers.

That response eventually led to our special package on the state of recycling, a practice that's getting increasingly complex thanks to compostable and biodegradable plastics. We also have launched a weekly feature called "Can I Recycle ...?" and now can give readers an easy bookmark for our future recycling coverage.

In case you missed Lynch's posts the first time around, here's a quick recap:

Recycling-SedamDoor spam: One city's quest to banish those annoying door hangers

Takeout containers: Difficult to stop using, but possible

Catalogs: Just say no and get off the mailing lists

Little things: Eight smalls steps to change your world

Smackdown: Tea towels versus paper towels

Reader questions: Recycling answers on wine corks, Ziploc bags and more

No-nos: What not to put in your recycling bin

Zipper bags: How to end an addiction

Disposable coffee filters: Just more unnecessary trash

Mail: A quest to go paperless

Feb. 1, 2010: The vow to stop living a disposable life

Lynch is an assistant food editor here at The Times. You can follow her on Twitter and check out the Food crew's blog, Daily Dish.

-- Craig Nakano


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