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Heath Ceramics welcomes summer with a sunny new collection

February 22, 2011 | 10:49 am

Heath Heath Ceramics has bypassed spring and moved on to summer with a sunny new collection that will make you forget the gray skies outside.

Debuting April 1, the collection includes bud vases, glassware and irresistible "sets" of things you really don't need but must have: salt and pepper shakers, espresso cups, board and bowl, iced tea service, cheeseboard and an appetizer tray. Summer candles are included and for the first time ever, one-of-a-kind ceramic beads, leather and chain necklaces in a collaboration between designer Julie Cristello and Heath.

The signature piece for the season is a "spun lemongrass" single stem vase, shown above, made in a limited edition of 150 pieces for $175. Rounding out the collection is a hybrid stem vase by potter and Heath Los Angeles studio director Adam Silverman using Heath glaze and his own unique firing technique.

To see the collection, keep reading ...

Three budvase set, $110.

Salt and pepper set, $85.

Espresso set, $35.

Board and bowl set, $150.

Iced tea set, $190.

Appetizer set, $150.

Single-stem hybrid vase by Adam Silverman, $175.

Summer candles, $20 to $35.

One-of-a-kind ceramic beads, leather and chain necklaces made in collaboration between Julie Cristello and Heath is a first for the Sausolito-based manufacturer, $185.

-- Lisa Boone

Photo credits: Jeffery Cross