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Alfresco living room makes front lawn a mere memory

October 19, 2010 |  6:48 am


Janet and Larry French of Hungtington Beach wanted to replace their front lawn. With what, they didn’t really know. So they turned to Culver City designer Adam Wheeler, who replaced turf with an outdoor living room that is as attractive as it is functional. Check out the story and the photo gallery.

French-garden-seating Some key details of the project:

Finish: Rather than a blank expanse of stucco, the niche above the outdoor fireplace is lined with cedar to echo new panels on the house. It also provides a place for displaying art.

Storage: Open space underneath the new eucalyptus benches keeps firewood at hand yet unobtrusive and protected from rain.

Texture: The midcentury home's patio floor alternates between  acid-washed concrete pads and aggregate pads in a nod to materials that were popular during the 1960s.

Sound: The audio system includes speakers concealed inside the benches.

Light: Simple party lights strung through the trees overhead create a festive look at night without producing visual clutter during the day.

-- Emily Young

Photo credit: John Ellis


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