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Cheery gerbera daisy umbrella
at the Huntington Library bookstore

February 19, 2010 |  7:54 am

I took my baby to the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens last Sunday, and we had an hour and a half of pure joy before he started to melt down. It was only noon as we headed for the gates -- prime arrival hour for everyone else -- and the entrance pavilion was packed.

As we made our hasty way through the crowd of map-gazers and stroller-pushers, I kept hearing this phrase: "Now, isn't that cute?"

People were simply delighted by this very bright umbrella clutched in a cheerful woman's hand. And they were right. The umbrella, which looked  like a hot pink gerbera daisy,  was cute.

Despite the crying baby, I had to find out where it came from. "Right at the Huntington store," said its owner, smiling broadly (and making me wonder if she perhaps worked at the Huntington store). 

Here are the details: The folding umbrella retails at the Huntington Bookstore & More for $28. It comes in different patterns including a sunflower, palm leaves, Tiffany-style butterfly, hummingbirds and bamboo (which you can see on the store website). In an e-mail, the store's Jennifer Brown said, "The bright botanicals have been very successful for us not only during the rainy season but also during bright, sunny days for strolls in the garden."

-- Deborah Netburn

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Photo courtesy of Huntington Bookstore & More