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Torn? Unraveled? Sun faded? Emergencies
are no problem for Ko 'Z' Craft's rug doctor

February 15, 2010 | 10:02 am

How do you repair a rug? You start by dying yarn, by hand, in an incredible spectrum, so colors match precisely. If the sun has faded the rug, except where furniture once stood, you shave a tiny bit off the top off the pile, revealing the yarns' original hues underneath. If your nemesis is a carpet edge frayed by the beaters of a vacuum cleaner, you re-create the pattern, again by hand, weaving that carefully colored yarn onto sturdy cross threads hidden in the rug.

Or, if any of that sounds like too much, you can call Hratch Kozibeyokian, above. In his Shadow Hills studio, the rug doctor calls upon time-tested techniques to give each carpet new life for the new decade. 

To read about Kozibeyokian -- his craft, his personal journey and his advice for extending the life of your rugs -- check out Ariel Swartley's article. It's part of our series on the artisans of home repair and the keepers of dying trades, The Fixers.

-- Craig Nakano


Photo credits: Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times