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An extra limb for those pruning tasks

January 27, 2010 | 11:34 am
Hollow-leg The Gardener’s Hollow Leg has a clever purpose: to free up your hands while you prune, weed or harvest. Whatever you clip can be dropped into the fabric sack slung to your waist.

Designed by Bob Blomberg, a Berkeley-based gardener, the 10-inch diameter by 23-inch deep sack is attached to an adjustable belt. Strap it on, clip away and fill the Hollow Leg with up to 5 gallons of twigs, stems and spent blooms before making a trip to the compost bin.

Blomberg grew up in a Sacramento farming family and later earned a doctorate in public health. He created his own Hollow Leg more than 15 years ago, but decided to wait until he retired before marketing it to a wider audience.

“I hated the last-minute chores of cleaning up piles that I left around the yard,” Blomberg says. “I realized that if I could have both my hands free to cut away just one more dead branch, it would be a great solution.”

Blomberg unveiled Gardener’s Hollow Leg last fall at the San Francisco Green Festival, and he now sells the sack online and through specialty garden centers for $24.95.

“Since we hit the market, gardeners are sharing many additional uses,” Blomberg says. “We’ve found it’s great for harvesting fruit, and perfect for everything from mushroom hunting to cleaning out gutters.”

The Gardener’s Hollow Leg is made from certified post-consumer recycled polyester and packaged in compostable, recyclable packaging.

-- Debra Prinzing