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The Deal: Get Peri Shefik's lamps at wholesale prices during annual studio sale on Sunday

December 3, 2009 |  8:01 am

Atlas Tower E Start paying attention, and you'll spot Peri Shefik's lamps everywhere. Of course they're in furniture stores all over Los Angeles, where we appreciate the modernist touch and more-than-neutral color palette. But even the designer herself is sometimes surprised at how often one turns up unexpectedly on a TV show.

It makes sense that set decorators would be drawn to her clean and bold designs, which often use colored silks or boldly printed papers for their shades.

Once a year, Shefik opens her Los Angeles studio to sell off extra inventory and samples at wholesale prices -- and that sale is this Sunday. She says she's got more than 100 table lamps, four of which are pictured above, priced at $30 to $160. There will be a smaller selection of floor lamps, which are $130 and up. Among my favorites are the little box lamps with shades created from the pages of an atlas or encyclopedia, seen at right. She also has a few Asian-inspired wood lamps made with bamboo slats. Custom options abound.

Shefik's studio, which is a few blocks east of the Brewery Art Colony, is at 2816 N. Main St. in Lincoln Heights. (323) 223-1353. Sale is 1 to 6 p.m. Plenty of street parking. And I'm not saying she's got a lot of cats, but bring your Claritin. Or, if you're not allergic, there might be a buy-one-lamp-get-a-kitten-free deal.

-- Robin Rauzi

Photo: Peri Shefik